Merrily Wagner

No one could have asked for a better mom than I had.  She was a legend in my eyes and I'm sure to many others.  I had the absolute pleasure to live with my mom for most of my life and wouldn't have changed that for anything.  

My mom is survived by many family members.  Her sister Cindy Chazotte with husband Bob Madden, her brother John Chazotte, her sister Lisa Duel, her brother Chris and wife Christina Chazotte.  Along with her sisters and brothers she had many nieces and nephews.  Stephanie Zimmerman, Rebecca Gatti, Casey Chazotte, Michael Duel, Daniel Duel, Joey Duel, Nicole Duel, Nicholas Chazotte and Joseph Chazotte.  All of whom she loved dearly.  
When I think of my mother the first thing I think of is her contagious laughter and her bright smile.  I'd like to think that I got that from her, along with many other traits.  
My mom was the hardest worker I knew. No matter what job she held she was great at it.  For several years she was Controller of two Golf and Tennis Country Clubs.  When she retired from those, she worked part time at Costco.  This was her most favorite occupation.  She loved her Costco family and they loved her as well.  
Once retired from Costco she spent nearly every sunny summer day at the pool in our community.  Everyone knew when she was at the pool because you could hear her laughter from miles away.  She was considered the "Mayor" of the pool.  She would set up shop with her personal lounge chair, her iPad and her snacks. Her pool crew will sadly miss her this summer but I'm sure they will keep her alive in their memories with all the fun times they had at the pool. 
It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention her pups, whom where her daily companions.  Penny, her 11-year-old Morkie was the love of her life.  Anything Penny wanted she got!!  And her Grand dog Riley who was her cuddle bug and wound healer, inside and out.  
My mom had a love of many things, and I mean many.  Just to list a few; flamingoes, Peeps (had to be stale), golf, watching MSNBC, her fellowship that saved her life, and of course her CROCS, a pair in every color that had to match whatever outfit she wore that day.  
The last five years of her life were a huge struggle, plagued by pain that just continued to get worse and worse.  It seemed like it was one injury or medical episode after another.  She would heal from one and then something new would happen.  She would have periods of a few days, sometimes weeks when she felt pretty good.  But it never lasted.  I dedicated most of my time taking care of her, especially this last year.  
My mother was tired, tired of all the pain, tired of waking up every day with a new ailment.  Just prior to her passing, all she was worried about was making sure that I would be alright, and the pups would be ok. My mother passed away on February 15,2023 at 1:42pm in her hospital bed holding my hand, which was her wish.  She wanted me to hold her hand because she was scared.  I held her hand and let her know that I would be ok, and she can go be at peace, pain free and see her mom again.  She drifted off to heaven peacefully. The world lost an amazing sole that day. 

Jennifer Wagner 

 Memorial visitation 2-5 & 7-9 pm on Friday, February 24, 2023. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Human Rights Campaign ( in her memory, would be appreciated.